Longform Pug

Yesterday night I finished the excellent Akata Witch audiobook, and this morning listened to the last of my giant podcast backlog, so when Apple News introduced their new audio stories feature I was set right up to make best use of them. Of the articles I listened to through the day today, Racial Repression Is Built Into the U.S. Economy by Peter Coy stood out to me from this passage:

The reviewers who serve as gatekeepers for academic journals in economics seem to believe that the African-American experience is sui generis, “a special case from which we cannot generalize,” says Lisa Cook, a black economist at Michigan State University. It took her 10 years to find a publisher for a paper showing that patenting by African Americans declined during historical periods of lynching and white race riots. Economists from other countries—including China, Israel, and Russia—immediately saw the wide applicability of the research, she says.

The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery but not the maltreatment of blacks. To this day, testers have found that résumés with black-sounding names are less likely to earn interviews than ones with white-sounding names. Black Americans are steered into costlier home and auto loans. They get worse health care than whites and suffer worse outcomes, especially from Covid-19. They have chronically higher unemployment rates—although ironically the gap has narrowed during the pandemic because more black than white employees have kept working under risky conditions, because their jobs are deemed essential.

The full article is heartbreaking, and a welcome reminder that we all need to make sure our spaces, workplaces, and lives are as diverse and inclusive as possible.

The most successful “blog” I kept was a LiveJournal way back in the day. I remember a lot of friends I had in real life were also on LJ, and many of them only used it to write public notes to each other (what today we might call sub-posting), which didn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you’re writing a journal, why is it not more of a journal?

And now that I’m out of high school and no longer certain that I am the most unique person on the planet and you all have to listen to the words I’m saying because damnit I matter… It’s a lot harder to make the words happen.

So I guess we’ll try it again. Writing for myself. Sometimes linking to things I find interesting or funny, but only in terms of scrapbooking things that I want to remember.

How One Move Can Make Climbing More Inclusive – reminds me that there is a lot more to physicality than physics

Buddha's Office – helped me reinforce the type of manager I hope to be. It's a good (shallow) overview of concepts, but provided a nice gut-check to confirm that maybe not all of my ideas were strange

What do you do when you run out of podcast episodes? You catch up on your reading – As someone who listens to podcasts/audiobooks to calm a running mind, knowing that my never-gonna-catch-up Pocket queue is always there is a relief

It may not be the earliest memory I’ll ever remember, but one of the earliest I can think of right now is being on the beach. I don’t know when (probably the 1980s) or where (probably Ventura, CA?) but the warm sand was blanketed with patches of green, black, soggy plants.

Looking back now, it was probably seaweed washed ashore after a storm, but at the time it was a whole alien planet. There were bugs crawling over it, finding relief from the afternoon sun by burrowing into the relatively cooler sand underneath, and clouds of gnats swarming around the decaying matter.

Back those days, I was still low enough that I could flat-heel-squat and rest my chin comfortably on my knees, arms around my legs and long hair spilling over my Superman tank-top and regulation ‘80s nylon shorts. I just sat and watched the insectoid actors live their day’s lives.

It’s the start of a new year, and the start of a new journey. But not really new, just renewed.

It’s been a spell since I wrote regularly on the internet. Back then it was LiveJournal and the musings of a then-teenager. Things have changed since then and now I’m hoping I can remember some of the joy of creating while actually being social on social media.

Thanks to the yunohost project making it so simple, I’ve spun up a microblog, photo share, and now this blog. And thanks to the fediverse, you can follow any of those aspects of me from any other ActivityPub service. Things may move around in the future, but hopefully the interoperability of the fediverse will help me carry things forward instead of needing to leave things behind in old silos.